Accessibility Hearings

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Access-Related Complaints for Transit Services

Access related service complaints are complaints submitted by our passengers who have concerns about an accessibility or ADA-related problem related to using our bus, trolley, rail, streetcar, or cable car services. These complaints are reviewed by our Customer Service Center (CSC) staff or the SFMTA’s Accessible Services Department. Our staff will respond to your complaint in writing within two weeks under most circumstances. 

Second Level

If after receiving the responsive communication from the CSC, you are not satisfied with the response, you may request a review of your complaint by the SFMTA’s Administrative Hearing Section. A neutral and independent hearing officer will review the documentation you provide, including evidence of any injuries, any witness statements, and any existing video or photographs or other relevant information. Following that review, the hearing officer will provide a written decision based upon your complaint--usually within 30 days. 

Limited Review

The service complaint review by a hearing officer is limited to whether there may be some level of transit service that falls below the level typically required by the ADA on the part of the SFMTA, or its transit operators, or any of its other personnel related to your complaint. The review is mainly for purposes of correcting or improving transit conditions related to accessibility, or which may not be safe, or not as efficient or as helpful as it could be for our transit customers. The review may also lead to discipline for SFMTA transit operators or other personnel.

Liability and Damages Issues are not Included in Review

Finally, the hearing officer’s review does not intend to determine whether there may be a cause of action against the SFMTA or the city and is not a pre-condition for filing a cause of action. The review will not address the issue of damages that may have arisen from any transit-related injury to a customer.  Such injury issues must be taken up by the filing of a Claim against the City and County of San Francisco.

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Following the initial complaint review by the CSC staff, for a Hearing Section review of your access-related complaint, please call 415.646.2016 or contact us at