Muni Transit Fare Violations Hearings

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Unless a transit customer is under age 19, the SFMTA requires payment for transit services on a Muni rail line or Muni Metro bus trip, or Cable car, and every passenger needs some proof of payment (or transfer slip if paying by cash) to avoid being cited for a fare violation. Transit fares here are often paid via MuniMobile or via the Clipper card. There are teams of Transit Fare Inspectors who monitor transit customers throughout the city. If you have been cited for a fare violation and would like to protest the violation, contact the Hearing Section at or call us at 415.646.2016. Hearings may be scheduled via video conference, by phone, by mail, or may be scheduled in-person by request. 

About Proof of Payment

About Muni Fares

Anyone age 18 or younger may access all Muni transit for free, with the exception of our Cable cars. Muni transit is also free for income-qualified Seniors (ages 65+), income-qualified people with disabilities (with Regional Transit Discount ID card), and for people experiencing homelessness (with a Muni Access Pass).