Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC)


The Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) is the official public representative to the Board of Supervisors on pedestrian issues. It meets on the second Tuesday of each month to review city plans and projects and to research potential improvements to the pedestrian environment. The public is encouraged to attend.

What We Do

PSAC has been charged with providing expertise on issues concerning pedestrian safety, convenience, ambiance, and planning as well as advocating for pedestrian safety by engaging the public, Board of Supervisors and other relevant agencies. To better engage these entities, PSAC has documented their observations about the current state of pedestrian safety in San Francisco and their recommendations for improvements. These reports can be found here: [link to reports]

It is in the public interest to officially recognize walking as an important component of our transportation system, and as a key component to creating livable and suitable communities. The Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee, composed of concerned and informed residents, was established to provide insight into issues concerning pedestrian safety, convenience, ambiance and planning.

To view meeting agendas and minutes from 2007 – 2011, please see here



  • Make pedestrian safety recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and other City departments
  • Develop concepts and review policies and planning efforts for pedestrians, such as safety, traffic calming, and sidewalk and crosswalk treatments
  • Make recommendations on funding opportunities and priorities to the Board of Supervisors, the SFMTA, the Citizens' Advisory Committee and other departments, commissions, boards and agencies.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Planning Commission on policies and programs related to pedestrians in the Master Plan of the City and County of San Francisco.
  • Report to the Board of Supervisors on an annual basis, with quarterly appearances before the Board as needed, on statistics on pedestrian injury and fatality statistics, causes of pedestrian injuries and fatalities, recommendations for changes in policies, funding and enforcement and other pertinent issues
  • Support development of the Better Streets Plan, in conjunction with city agencies and community input, which will offer a comprehensive review of the policies, procedures, practices and physical infrastructure of the city that affect pedestrians, and will also provide recommendations to make walking safer and more convenient through sidewalk improvements, new city policies, educational programs, promotional efforts and transit access.


Apply to Join

Interested in applying to the PSAC? If you can represent one of the vacancies on the committee, submit an application to the Board of Supervisors Clerk of Rules committee.