ATTN: An IB #MOceanView train at Castro was removed from service due to a door issue. Maintenance personal at Embarcadero will work to get the train back in service. (More: 6 in last 48 hours)

Access Pass Application

SFMTA provides free access to Muni vehicles for 24 months for individuals experiencing homelessness on an Access Pass ID card.

You are eligible to receive the Access Pass if you:

  1. Are currently experiencing homelessness in San Francisco


  1. Have contacted one of the City’s Access Points in the last six months. Access Points help people experiencing homelessness.


If you have not contacted one of the City’s Access Points, you may still qualify for an Access pass by working with one of the Access Points now.  Call 415-487-3300 x7000

Please complete the information below. Your card will be mailed to the address provided. 

Contact Information

Enter as mm-dd-yyyy


If your application is accepted, you will be eligible to have all prior transit citations dismissed. Please provide a citation or ID number from the citation so that we may review your record.


By submitting this form you attest the information provided is true and accurate.

I give permission to HSA to share limited income information with SFMTA and its towing contractor, Auto Return, to help determine whether I may qualify for a fee waiver. My information shall be shared only as needed for those purposes. I understand that this database can only show my name, my address, and whether my household income falls within certain percentages of federal poverty guidelines based on information I have previously provided to HSA.