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Central Subway Tour - Behind the Scenes

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You may have heard about our fun tour with Mayor Edwin M. Lee through the Central Subway tunnel yesterday. We appreciated the opportunity to share the progress with him and Supervisor Julie Christensen.

We enjoyed the brief summary from the morning’s event on ABC 7 news.

You can read our press release here or learn more about the tunnel construction and the rest of the subway project over on our sister blog, The Central Subway Blog.

Mayor Lee, project director John Funghi, additional staff, and membrs of the media stand in the concrete tunnel.
Central Subway Program Director John Funghi provides an overview and update to Mayor Lee, Supervisor Christensen and members of the media.

Mayor Lee and Supervisor Christensen discuss the progress of the Central Subway with project staff
Jane Wang, Central Subway design engineer, walks with Mayor Ed Lee and Supervisor Julie Christensen to discuss the project.

Members of the media hold microphones in front of Mayor Lee, who is flanked by SFMTA Chairman Tom Nolan, SFMTA staff and Supervisor Julie Christensen
Members of the media hear comments from Mayor Lee, who is flanked by SFMTA Chairman Tom Nolan, Central Subway project staff and Supervisor Julie Christensen.

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