Congratulations to the Safe Driver Award Winners!

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Friday, April 12, 2024

Safe Driver Award winners smile at the 2024 dinner celebrating their work. A crowd poses in front of a projector that says "15 to 19 years" and names two operators.
Celebrating operators at our 2024 Safe Driver Award dinner.

It’s not easy to drive a cable car, streetcar or 40-foot bus through the streets of San Francisco – maneuvering around construction, parades and protests, rain or shine. And that’s not to mention the possibility that a few of the passengers on board may not be having one of their best days. Now imagine doing all that and doing it safely every single time. 

That’s what our Safe Driver Award winners do, day in and day out.  

Operators who drive at least 1,952 hours without any preventable incidents or collisions during the fiscal year (July – June) earn a safe driving record for that year.  

This weekend, we’ll recognize operators who have met that standard for 15 years or more at our annual Safe Driver Awards dinner. 

Of the 229 operators we are honoring, 85 have between 15 and 19 years of safe driving. One operator, Oliverio Valle, has 49 years of safe driving under his belt! 

This year, nearly a thousand operators met our safe driving standard for at least one year. We thank these 982 operators for their excellent work. 

Our Muni operators keep the city moving through thick and through thin. They got essential workers to their jobs during the most difficult phases of the COVID-19 pandemic. They brave smoke-filled air during wildfire seasons. They face street flooding during heavy rains. At the end of 2023, they navigated traffic delays and transit reroutes when more than 20,000 visitors came to San Francisco for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. 

The next time you ride Muni, please make an extra effort to appreciate your operators.  

They make sure we get to our destinations safely so we can live our daily lives and enjoy our great city.