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Double the Fun: F Line Adds a Second Boat Tram

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

There’s no need to do a double-take the next time you spot a green and cream “boat” cruising down the F Line—as of July 15 there are now two ship-shape “boat tram” streetcars sailing on the streets of San Francisco. While No. 228 has been a member of the fleet since 1984, No. 233 is new on the scene. It came to San Francisco in 2013 with the help of Market Street Railway and is now in service after undergoing repairs.

Image of Two Boat Trams Together in Front of the Ferry Building at the Muni Heritage Weekend in 2014
Blackpool Boat Trams 228 and 233 in Front of the Ferry Building During Muni Heritage Weekend |  November 2, 2014 | 141102_Muni Heritage_41


Originally built in 1934, the F Line’s twin set of boat cars come from the coastal town of Blackpool, England. We don’t want to take the wind out of San Francisco’s sails, but the fanciful collection of sea(side)faring and double-decker heritage streetcars operating in Blackpool leaves us feeling a bit "at sea."


As a historic footnote, this is not the first time open-air cars have been popular in the City by the Bay. The SFMTA Photo Archive features several images of ornate, open-air cable cars that were quite popular with turn of the century riders hoping for some fresh air. Long lost San Francisco “breezer” cable cars can be spotted on the SFMTA Photo Archive webpage.


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