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Help Us Modernize The Potrero Yard

Monday, August 27, 2018


No matter where you start or end your trip on Muni, every vehicle’s trip begins and ends at a maintenance yard. After the final rider steps off their bus or train, staff at Muni’s nine yards and the maintenance facilities across the city get to work.

That’s why the SFMTA launched the Building Progress yard modernization program – so that our facilities are equipped with the modern technology needed to keep up with San Francisco’s transit needs. If we have the proper facilities and equipment, that makes it easier to keep buses and light rail vehicles on the road.  That means reduced wait times, less overcrowding, and fewer breakdowns when you ride Muni.

The first facility the SFMTA is modernizing is the 100-year-old Potrero Yard at 17th and Mariposa.

The SFMTA needs your help to shape the public outreach, to weigh in on elements of the project design including the potential for joint uses like housing and help make the Potrero Yard a good neighbor. The best way to help is by representing your community on the Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group.

The SFMTA wants to be a good neighbor to every community that is home to a transit yard. The Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group will assemble community members to work with SFMTA staff to shape the public outreach, weigh in on elements of the project design and help make the Potrero Yard and any potential for joint uses like housing on the site a good neighbor. If you care about the community around Potrero Yard, please apply today.

The Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group will help guide the SFMTA's decision-making process to make the new facility an asset to the community and reflective of its priorities.

Yard workers fixing buses.

Role of the Working Group

The Working Group will help shape broader public outreach, provide input on project design, and weigh in on the issues most important to their communities and constituencies.
The mission of the Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group is to:

  • Foster two-way communications and provide feedback to the Building Progress team on each decision point for the program.
  • Deepen relationships with community members.
  • Create improved communications and help promote opportunities for the public to participate in the Potrero Yard Modernization Project.

Responsibilities of the Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group

Throughout the Potrero Yard Modernization Project, it is expected that Working Group members will:

  • Commit to attend the scheduled meetings, and participate in two public workshops.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the overall project and goals of the Building Progress initiative.
  • Listen to and comment on presentations that cover the general direction of the project, as well as key deliverables from the project.
  • Establish a dialogue with the member’s group, organization, or constituency so that these views can be incorporated into broader public input collected for the project.
  • Balance the needs of the member’s specific interest group, organization or constituency with citywide interests.
  • Assist the project team by identifying opportunities for broader public outreach, providing input on the project design overall, and sharing insights on the issues and concerns affecting the Potrero and Mission communities.
  • Assist in publicizing any public workshops, opportunities for engagement and announcements to the public.
  • Respectfully listen and empathize with other viewpoints.


For more information about the Potrero Yard Modernization Project, Building Progress, or the Working Group, please contact or visit our webpage.

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