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Building Progress Program

Project Introduction

Over the last several years, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has made historic investments guided by the SFMTA Strategic Plan and its underlying goals. Such investments include expanding the Muni bus and light rail fleet and opening the Islais Creek Maintenance and Operations Bus Facility in the summer of 2018. Subsequently, these investments have helped the SFMTA move more residents, employees, and visitors than ever before and are critical in meeting the city’s ambitious climate change goals.

Yet, the SFMTA facilities that support these investments need to be maintained, updated, and modernized. Neglecting the current condition and needed upgrades to these facilities will prevent the SFMTA from maintaining our street infrastructure and protecting, storing, and maintaining our diverse transit fleet. 

The Building Progress Program is a $1.2 billion multi-year effort to repair, renovate, and modernize the SFMTA’s aging facilities in order to keep the City moving.

Project Timeline 
2017 to 2026
Potrero Yard Modernization Project
2020 to 2023
Improvements to Muni Metro East and 1399 Marin
2020 to 2029
Presidio Yard Modernization Project
Cost Estimate
$1.2 bn
Project Success
On schedule
SFMTA Muni bus icon
SFMTA Muni Metro train icon
Provide needed space for a growing bus and LRV fleet.
SFMTA Muni bus icon
SFMTA Muni Metro train icon
Improve the efficiency and timeliness of bus and LRV maintenance and repairs.
SFMTA Muni bus icon
SFMTA Muni Metro train icon
Improve working conditions for all staff and enhance resilience to climate change and natural disasters.
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Facilitate the transition to a battery electric bus fleet.
Develop and carry out facility infrastructure upgrades
Optimize use of the facilities through shared uses
Make the SFMTA a better neighbor in communities that currently host our facilities


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was established in 1999, by voter mandate, and combined the Taxi Commission, Department of Parking and Traffic, and the Municipal Railway (Muni). As a result, the SFMTA oversees approximately 702,000 daily Muni boardings, 7,200 street intersections, 431 miles of bike paths and much more. By the year 2049, the city is projected to grow to nearly 1,000,000 residents. Therefore moving San Francisco’s residents and visitors is not only important today, but will continue to be essential in the future.

The SFMTA’s facility portfolio contains an assortment of buildings, grounds, and stations that support transit service and street infrastructure.

The SFMTA's Real Estate and Facilities Vision for the 21st Century was developed in 2013, to provide recommendations on how to improve operational efficiencies, determine sustainable initiatives, identify funding sources, advance the Agency’s goals for transit-oriented development and joint development, and outline an implementation roadmap.

Four years later, the 2017 SFMTA Facilities Framework helped identify deficiencies, associated costs and prioritized improvements for 18 SFMTA facilities.

The Building Progress Program will carry out the framework’s recommendations by implementing its five elements:

  1. Plan for the future of SFMTA buildings and yards.

  2. Engage SFMTA staff, communities surrounding SFMTA facilities and additional stakeholders.

In November 2017 and early 2018, the SFMTA held its first round of public meetings in various neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. These meetings focused on informing the community about the critical need to modernize SFMTA facilities like Muni yards, maintenance shops, and paratransit facilities. 

In addition to these meetings, the Building Progress team conducted stakeholder interviews and facility tours. 

  1. Fund and manage the cash flow of the Building Progress Program.

The SFMTA can tap into several funding channels in order to fix and deliver upgrades and renovations through the Building Progress Program. 

These include:

       4. Fix and repair buildings and yards based on former facility study recommendations.

Maintenance, renovation, and repair campaigns include getting the word out to staff about the need to make improvements to existing facilities and appropriately alerting the community when repair and/or construction activity may impact them. 

Sites that are currently included in these campaigns are:

  • Pigeon Abatement at Curtis Green Rail Yard

  • Pigeon Abatement at Cable Car Barn

  • Heating repair and renovation and compressor replacement at Curtis Green Rail Yard 

  • Operator Convenience Facility Program - Phase 3

  • Compressor replacement at Cameron Beach Rail Yard 

  •  Compressor and roof replacement at Kirkland Bus Yard

  • Presidio Facility Bus Lifts Improvement Project

  • HVAC repair and renovation, compressor replacement, new trash compactor and yard improvements at Woods Bus Yard

  • Energy improvements, restroom and break room improvements at Flynn Bus Yard

  • Various tenant improvements at 505 7th Street (parking enforcement facility)

  • Various yard improvements at 6th and Townsend streets

  • Building and restroom portable replacement at 571 10th Street (parking enforcement facility)

  • Lactation rooms placed at 1 South Van Ness Avenue (administration offices), Muni Metro East Rail Yard, Islais Creek Bus Yard, and 1508 Bancroft Avenue (sign and meter shop)

       5. Deliver on the programs and projects recommended in the 2017 SFMTA Facilities Framework through capital design and construction.

The SFMTA has 20 facilities, which are needed to support Muni transit service, paratransit service, sign and paint shops, and other critical functions that keep San Francisco moving. Among the first major sites for improvement in the Building Progress Program are the following:

  • The Potrero Yard Modernization Project will replace the obsolete two-story maintenance building and bus yard located at Bryant and Mariposa streets with a modern, three-story, efficient bus maintenance and storage garage, equipped to serve the SFMTA’s growing fleet as it transitions to battery electric vehicles. Construction is expected to begin in 2023.

  • In order to operate Muni service while Potrero Yard and other Muni bus facilities are under construction, the SFMTA is expanding Muni Metro East to include a temporary bus operating facility. Further, the storage and maintenance facility located at 1399 Marin Street will be renovated to store and maintain Muni buses.

  • The Presidio Yard Modernization Project will replace the obsolete two-story maintenance building and bus yard located at Geary Boulevard and Presidio Avenue. 

Stay Updated

If your community group would like a presentation on the Building Progress Program, please contact Licinia Iberri Campus Program Manager at Licinia.Iberri@SFMTA.com.

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Contact Information
Licinia Iberri, Project Manager
Rafe Rabalais, Long Range Asset Development Manager
Adrienne Heim, Public Information Officer