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Building Progress Program

Over the last several years, the SFMTA has made historic investments in our Muni fleet. Now, it is one of the most modern and cleanest in the nation. These investments help us move more San Franciscans than ever and are critical in meeting our city’s ambitious climate change goals.

Unfortunately, the SFMTA facilities supporting those investments are old, outdated and over-capacity. Soon a lack of modern facilities will prevent essential operations necessary for serving the public. That’s why the SFMTA is launching the Building Progress Program. The program will engage the public and address these critical needs through expanding and modernizing old facilities.

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SFMTA promised progress to meet our city’s growing needs, and we are delivering. San Franciscans and visitors from all over the world got on board a Muni bus 200 million times last year, and we had our highest customer service ranking in years.  The SFMTA is replacing and expanding our fleet, adding new rapid routes, and optimized old routes to provide better transportation.  Unfortunately, we currently do not have the modern facilities or enough space to properly maintain those vehicles. By 2030, the SFMTA will have more than 62 buses and 46 light rail vehicles than can fit in current facilities.

Building Progress is a modernization program for SFMTA facilities in order to meet the needs of everyone who travels in San Francisco.  The program will improve our transportation system’s resiliency to climate change and seismic events.  Furthermore, the program will allow us to be a better neighbor in the parts of the city that currently host our facilities. Benefits that could accompany modernizing our facilities could potentially include beautification, noise reduction and joint uses that support community goals.


The SFMTA has 20 facilities, which are needed to support our Muni service, paratransit services, sign and paint shops, and other critical functions that keep San Francisco moving.  Among the first major sites for improvement in the Building Progress Program are:

  • Rebuilding the Potrero Yard, which originally opened in 1912, will accommodate modern bus technologies and prepare for future all-electric vehicles.  Expected completion is 2026.
  • A new facility or an expansion of Muni Metro East will allow for storage and maintenance during construction on other facilities.


The SFMTA will be held its first round public meetings in November 2017 in Civic Center, December 2018 in the Dogpatch near the Muni Metro East Yard and January near our Potrero Yard.  These meetings focused on the critical need to modernize SFMTA facilities like Muni yards, maintenance shops, and paratransit facilities. Additional public meetings will be held in the Summer of 2018.

In addition to these meetings, the Building Progress team will be meeting with community leaders and giving presentations to organizations near our facilities.

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Bradley Dunn