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Muni Has Good Fortune with All-door Boarding

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

You may have noticed that we’re big fans of The Atlantic’s City Lab blog. We’ve recently spotlighted their efforts here and here. Today we are lucky to share a recent piece from them, “Why Buses Should Let you Board Through Any Door, in 2 Charts,” that heralds the success of our own Muni system’s all-door boarding initiative. They even went back and found the loveable Professor Muni, who was front and center to explain the new effort in 2012.

Just two and a half years later, we’ve found (and reported to our Board of Directors (.pdf) at the end of last year) that the practice of allowing Muni customers to get on the bus through whichever door is available, just like a streetcar, reduces delays for Muni and doesn’t increase fare evasion.

It’s great to see the impact of this work spreading far outside our 49 square miles.