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Our mission is to provide ongoing planning, building, operation, regulation and maintenance for the transportation network with our partners, and to connect to all San Francisco communities at every step in the process.

Our Responsibilities

  • Create a safer transportation experience for everyone
  • Make transit, walking, bicycling, taxi, ridesharing and carsharing the preferred means of travel.
  • Improve the environment and quality of life in San Francisco.
  • Create a workplace that delivers outstanding service.

Business Administration

Key Responsibilities Administration: Providing oversight for workforce and personnel management, budgeting, project and contract management and coordination of capital projects, customer service, and inter-departmental interface Schedules: Developing...

Portrait of Business Administration Manager Emily Williams

Emily Williams

Business Administration Manager

Maintenance of Way

Our Responsibilities Track and Signal Maintenance, Infrastructure Maintenance and Overhead Lines; maintaining facilities and infrastructure (garages and shops), light rail right-of-way, track way, fare collection system, vehicle and station cleaning...

Transit Operations

Our Responsibilities Complementing the Transit Management subdivision and delivering service after the vehicle leaves the facility; includes the Central Control and Line Management Centers, Street Inspectors, and Station Agents. This is achieved...

Portrait of Brent Jones

Brent Jones

Chief Transportation Officer

Transit Program Delivery

Program Delivery & Support (PDS) was established as a subdivision of Transit in March 2017. We provide expertise in the operations and maintenance of critical transit systems. We work with partners to articulate and advocate for the needs of...