FINAL UPDATE: The 25 Treasure Island Route cleared and resuming regular service. Expect residual delays. (More: 15 in last 48 hours)

New Muni Metro Map Debuts to Support Major Railway Changes in August

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

ALERT: Effective August 25 Muni Metro is shut down. Buses will serve rail routes. Learn more about temporary Metro bus substitutions.


New SFMTA Muni Metro Service Map

As part of the Muni service changes scheduled for August we’ve moved forward with applying the upcoming changes to the Muni Metro system map to provide a visual reference.

As a temporary emergency measure, the L Taraval and K Ingleside will become one line at West Portal. This practice, known as “interlining” in transportation planning, will result in a new line; the LK Taraval-Ingleside. The line will no longer enter the subway at West Portal station and, as a result, West Portal will become a significant transfer point.

The LK Taraval-Ingleside route will run on the surface between the SF Zoo and City College at Balboa Park Station. At West Portal, LK Taraval-Ingleside customers traveling to points downtown will exit the train on the surface at West Portal and Ulloa and enter the station to transfer to the new temporary TM Third-Ocean View line or S Shuttle. Customers transferring from the subway will be directed towards the L-portion (westbound) or the K-portion (eastbound).

Other changes you see in the map include:

  • The LK Taraval-Ingleside line will use one color to ensure customers understand that the journey from the SF Zoo to Balboa Park can be completed without changing trains.   
  • Accessible transfer stops are highlighted with black outlines.
  • Church Street Station will be the new transfer point for the J Church. Customers will disembark on Market St. and go underground to transfer to the subway for points downtown or exit the subway to the street to head towards Balboa Park.
  • The TM Third-Ocean View line will also be combined however, instead of using one color it is still split into two colors to indicate that eventually the T Third will join the new Central Subway.
  • New frequent service with the S Shuttle is now indicated on the map to highlight its availability in the system.  
  • BART connections have been included as part of the city rail network given that customers also make use of the service and allows for an alternate transportation choice for quick trips within the city, along with its regional transportation role.

We are interested in hearing from you on these new, temporary system changes. We will work with the community to evaluate and make any adjustments that are needed to the temporary configuration based on public feedback and data monitoring. Please use our feedback form and tell us what you think.