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Muni Feedback

We want to hear from you. To file a complaint, please fill out a 311 Complaint Form. To praise a Muni Employee, please fill out a 311 Commendation Form. Be sure to provide the information below about your trip.

Information to Include in Muni Feedback

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Vehicle number (see below)
  • Rail line, bus route or cable car line 
  • The direction you were headed (inbound or outbound, east or west, or the destination of the route).

If the feedback is about a specific employee, identification information is also useful.

These details, along with your contact information, will allow us to fully investigate your concern.

Even without these details, we’re thankful for your feedback and can use the information to target areas for improvement.

Locating the Vehicle Number

Each Muni bus or train has a unique number printed in various places. Below is a list with corresponding images to help you find them.

For customers with visual impairments, each bus and light rail vehicle has a tactile vehicle number, which is a metal plate with the number imprinted in braille and raised characters. These are installed on a panel behind the operator’s compartment. On historic vehicles, such as F and E line streetcars or cable cars, please ask the operator for the vehicle number.

Muni Buses

On the inside of each Muni bus, the four-digit number is printed on the back wall and on the front. On the outside of the bus, it’s printed on the back, front and sides.

Two images. One shows the rear interior of a Muni bus with yellow poles and blue seats. Above the seats, a four digit bus number "6553" is circled in red. The second image shows the front of the bus. Above the headlight, the number “6553” is also circled in red.

Muni Metro

Muni Metro light rail vehicles (on the J, K, L, M, N & T lines) are identified by four digits numbers with a letter, like "1530 B" below. Inside, these can be found at each end of the train car, next to the operator’s compartment.

On the outside of an LRV, the numbers are above the doors on either end.

Two images. One shows the front interior wall of a Muni light rail vehicle, showing the number “1530 B” circled in red above the operator’s compartment. The second image shows a side-on shot of a gray light rail vehicle. Above the front door, the number “1541 A” is also circled in red.

Historic Streetcars

On most historic streetcars of the F Market and Wharves and E Embarcadero lines, you will find four-digit identification numbers near the operator as well as on the outside of the vehicles.

Two images. One shows the interior wall of a Muni historic streetcar, with the number “1859” circled in red above the window on the end of the streetcar. The second image shows a close-up of the side of a green historic streetcar, with the white numbers “1814” circled in red.

Cable Cars

Cable cars' one- or two-digit numbers can be found on each end on the outside, and above the entrance to the interior compartment.

Two images. One shows a cable car traveling down a busy neighborhood street, with the number “26” circled on the front end. The second image shows three men, including the grip, inside the cable car. The number “26” is circled in red above the compartment doorway.