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New Muni Operator Uniforms Roll Out Today

Monday, September 18, 2017

Muni operators pose in their new uniforms in front of a parked Muni bus.
Muni operators pose in their new uniforms.

You may have noticed today that Muni operators’ uniforms got a makeover with a new gray and red color scheme. This is the result of a collaborative effort with our partners at Transport Workers Union Local 250A to bring a more modern look and new, higher tech fabric and knits and make sure the hard-working men and women of Muni can be comfortable and sharp.

Various pieces of a new Muni uniform hang displayed on a coat rack and mannequin, including light gray shirts, black jackets, dark grey trousers, and a bright yellow jacket.

A New Look for Muni

The new color scheme was chosen by an overwhelming majority of operators through a month-long survey.

Uniform selections include:

  • Light gray woven shirts with additional pencil pockets
  • Light gray knit polo shirts
  • Dark gray trousers (winter and summer weight)
  • Dark gray shorts and skirts
  • Black sweaters (v-neck and quarter-zip)
  • Black reversible jackets with multiple liners
  • Black Softshell jackets
  • High-visibility, reversible waterproof jackets and pants

Muni Uniforms Through the Years

Two male Muni operators stand in the doorway of an electric trolley bus with passengers on board in 1968. One operator wears a navy blue uniform, and the other wears an olive drab uniform.
In 1968, the olive drab-colored uniform worn by the operator on the left replaced the navy blue uniform shown on the right.

Muni’s outgoing brown uniforms made their appearance in 1981, replacing olive drab-colored uniforms with maroon trim, a yellow shirt and a snappy maroon tie that had been used since 1968. Before that, Muni uniforms were generally navy blue and often featured buttons. Conductors who wore a coin-counting device would usually wear the jacket unbuttoned.

Four Muni employees stand smiling in front of a wall with their hands behind their back in 1947. From left to right, a male Muni inspector wears a suit, a male operator wears a dark, buttoned jacket and dark pants, and a male and female conductor wear similar, unbuttoned jackets with coin-counting devices on the front of their waist. All wear various types of hats.
A group of Muni employees, all members of the Logasa family, wearing Muni uniforms in 1947. From left: an inspector, and operator and two conductors wearing coin counters.

For more glimpses at Muni uniforms through the years, visit our SFMTA Photo Archive gallery.