SFMTA Moves Giants Fans to Third Orange October in Five Years

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Congratulations, Giants and San Francisco for a great party on Friday!

Muni carried more than 30,000 additional riders that day, and more than 170 frontline staff from our parking enforcement and transit fare inspection teams were on the street to help folks find their way and to keep traffic moving.

Thank you all for a great day!

A Parking Control Officer in a florescent yellow rain jacket directs a 14L Mission Limited Muni bus through traffic on Mission Street.
With so many people wanting to walk, drive, bike or ride transit through San Francisco on a wet and busy Friday, Parking Control Officers were crucial to keeping the streets moving and safe. 

Fans and commuters file into Embarcadero Station.
Fans and commuters filed into Embarcadero Station. The thousands and thousands of visitors coming through the BART/Muni stations required "all-hands" for Station Agents and our Transit Fare Inspectors who also provide customer service support.

K Ingleside train stops to serve a crowded Powell Station platform.
This K Ingleside train was part of the beefed-up Muni service that ran all day and after hours to make sure everyone got to the party.