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History in Motion

Skilled Workers Have Always Kept Muni Rolling

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Today's throwback takes us inside Muni's electric repair shop in 1936. The tradesmen in this shot are rebuilding streetcar motors on a specially built repair and test stand. 

The motor technology and materials of the time required careful handwork by skilled workers on a regular basis. Even with modern motors, which are built to provide longer service intervals, Muni employs skilled technicians to carry on the 'lost art' of maintaining and rebuilding these vital parts of our vehicles. 

Having people in-house who can diagnose and repair equipment is crucial to keeping Muni running smoothly and getting vehicles back in service quickly. Sending parts out for rebuilding is costly and time consuming compared to employing men and women who can tackle breakdowns immediately.  

Kudos to the men pictured and our present day maintenance workers' precision work and technical expertise that have kept Muni's motors turning for over a century!

A4906 | September 25, 1936 | Geary St. Car Shop

Muni Shopmen Repairing Streetcar Motors | September 25, 1936

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