Taken with Transportation Podcast: Transit Month on Muni

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Monday, September 25, 2023

Buses and cars at an intersection with overhead wires

September is Transit Month in the Bay Area and on the latest episode of Taken with Transportation, the official SFMTA podcast, host Melissa Culross talks with Muni riders in multiple neighborhoods who use our buses, streetcars and light rail vehicles as their principal means of transportation.  

“I just absolutely loathe driving, and the Muni gets me somewhere that I don’t have to drive,” says Erin Livingston, who has lived in San Francisco for almost a decade. “I have such fond memories of days that I had nothing to do, and me and my friends just kind of bopped around, and we took the Muni to one neighborhood and then took it another … and I think Muni is so quintessentially San Francisco.” 

“My family still doesn’t drive, I don’t drive,” San Francisco native Jennifer Borromeo says. “I’m so happy that I have a transportation system that’s reliable, something I can easily navigate with my parents as they’re getting older.” 

Culross also speaks with SFMTA Transit Director Julie Kirschbaum about service improvements and investments the agency is making, as well as Director of Transportation Jeff Tumlin about his favorite Muni line and the first he remembers riding. 

“We really want Muni to be something our customers can rely on,” Kirschbaum explains in the episode. “So, that means if you schedule service to come every ten minutes, that it comes every ten minutes. That the customer predictions are accurate; that the operator is friendly and safe. And that’s what I’m seeing in the system today. So, it’s something we’re really proud of.” 

You can hear this and all the Taken with Transportation episodes at our podcast page (SFMTA.com/Podcast), Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.