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Throwback to the Retro 1960s

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Muni's history is long and varied, filled with great moments like this publicity shot from 1969.  Muni General Manager John (Jack) M. Woods (in the driver's seat) enlisted a handful of helpers to promote new equipment with passenger comfort features in the form of a stereo music system.  Note that the three women aboard this brand new GMC Motor Coach are holding 8-track cartridges of an appropriately titled album, "Guitars on the Move."  This is just one of many SFMTA Photo Archive shots that reveal a little bit more behind San Francisco's public transit agency.

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M0682_3 Jack Woods on GMC Coach

New Coaches With Stereo Music Systems at Presidio Yard | August 28, 1969 | M0682_3