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Transit Tuesday

’Tis the Season to Save

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On Tuesdays we’ll bring you a tidbit of transit news or trivia, either from our own backyard or from around the globe. Thanks for joining us.

The American Public Transportation Agency recently reported that riding transit could save you up to $1,059 a month compared to driving. How so? The agency calculated the average cost of owning and driving a vehicle, average national gas prices and parking rates compared to public transportation.

In San Francisco, the average driver pays up to $275/month or $19/day for parking. That is not including gas, bridge tolls and the hectic driving commute. Riding Muni cost adults $2.25/ride +90-minute transfer or $68/month. In the Bay Area more than 16 percent of us utilize public transportation for work and school commutes.

Want to take advantage of these savings? One of the best ways is to use your employer’s commuter benefit program to purchase your monthly transit fare/s. In 2009 the San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance was adopted to encourage commuters to take transit, bike or rideshare instead of driving to work. Businesses in SF must offer commuter benefits, such as a monthly pre-tax deduction up to $130/month or a Muni & BART Fast Pass (valued at $80/monthly). Options like this reduce your carbon footprint and reduce the stress on your wallet—both of which are in need during the busy holiday season.

Man in beige sportscoat and slacks walks east with other pedestrians across The Embarcadero with SF high-rises and blue sky in the background