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Single Trip Fare
Cable Car
Single Ride Fare
Regular Adult (Farebox or Limited-Use Ticket) $2.75 $7.00
Regular Adult (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $2.50 $7.00
Youth ages 5-18 (Farebox or Limited-Use Ticket) $1.35 $7.00
Youth ages 5-18 (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.25 $7.00
Senior (65+)*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Farebox or Limited-Use Ticket) $1.35 $7.00 (7 am - 9 pm) 
$3.00 (9 pm - 7 am)
Senior (65+)*, Disabled*, Medicare* (Clipper® or MuniMobile) $1.25 $7.00 (7 am - 9 pm) 
$3.00 (9 pm - 7 am)
Child 4 and under free free

* - ID required

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Photograph of person adding cash to a Muni ticket vending machine

Single Rides and Transfers

What to pay when your ride lasts 90 minutes or less. Save $0.25 per trip using your Clipper® Card or MuniMobile. 

Muni Senior and Regular Clipper Cards

Monthly Passes

Unlimited rides on Muni with monthly passes available on Clipper® cards.

Muni Passport Multi-Day Fare Cards

Cable Car Tickets and Visitor Day Passes

Cable car tickets and single and multi-day passes for visitors and tourists.

White card the size of an ID or credit card which reads "Lifeline", used for discounted Muni fares

Low Income Monthly (Lifeline) Pass

Lifeline discount pass for qualified customers.

Clipper card

Free Muni

Providing eligible low- and moderate-income San Francisco youth, seniors and people with disabilities free access to Muni when using a Clipper card.

A Variety of Muni Fares and Passes

Where to Buy

Where to buy fares and passes.

Senior and Youth Discount Clipper Cards

Youth/Senior/Disability Discounts

Rates, application requirements, and where to buy monthly and single passes with discounts for seniors, children ages 5–17, customers with disabilites, and Medicare patients.

Proof of Payment for Muni Including Transfer, Clipper Car, Day Pass, and Single Ride Ticket

Proof of Payment

Get the details for proper proof of payment on your Muni ride.

Office people sitting around conference table discussing office things

Bulk Sales & Employers

Bulk purchases (20 or more) and contact information for employer pass programs.

Clipper cards and Muni single-ride tickets

Replacement/Refund Policy

Replacements for damaged or defective passes.

A dog in the arms of an owner or guardian, riding a bus

Animals on Muni

Pets pay a fare, too. Here are the details about animals on Muni.

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