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Muni Service Equity Strategy Workshop - Excelsior, Oceanview, and Ingleside

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Room 140

The Muni Service Equity Strategy is one component of the agency's commitment to make transit accessible and affordable to all of our customers. 

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The Equity Strategy will benefit eight selected Equity Neighborhoods, seniors and people with disabilities, by implementing service treatments that can be implemented quickly while delivering measurable improvements to safety, connectivity to key destinations, reliability, frequency and crowding. Moreover, the strategy will establish a performance baseline for Muni routes serving each Equity neighborhood, which will be monitored annually. 

Now work is underway for the 2018 Muni Service Equity Strategy report. Staff identified neighborhoods with high percentages of households with low incomes and people of color. Staff also included routes heavily used by seniors and people with disabilities into the analysis. The eight neighborhoods identified for this process include: Bayview, Chinatown, Excelsior-Outer Mission, Inner Mission, Oceanview-Ingleside, Tenderloin-South of Market, Visitacion Valley, and Western Addition.

This month, the team will hold workshops in five Equity Neighborhoods to fully understand if the key needs that were uncovered through the outreach process align with their needs.

Translators will be onsite at this meeting.

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