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SFMTA Engineering Public Informational Hearing

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Mar 14

SFMTA is holding a public hearing to consider improvements intended to improve transit performance and
pedestrian safety. These proposals would be constructed in 2015 in conjunction with the upcoming repaving of
Irving Street. SFMTA proposes to:

• Relocate the existing transit stops at 9th Avenue and Irving Street to be on the opposite side of the
• Consolidate the existing stops at 4th and 7th Avenues to a new combined stop between 5th and 6th Avenue
• Widen the sidewalk at the new transit stops to provide direct boarding of the first-car of N Judah trains and
to create additional space for transit shelters, landscaping, seating, bicycle racks and other amenities.
• Install a traffic signal at 4th Avenue, and make adjustments to parking to accommodate these proposals.
These proposals would reduce travel times and improve reliability for the N Judah’s 40,000+ daily customers,
saving about 1.5 minutes in each direction while resulting in a net reduction of 14 parking spaces.

For more information please visit the project website at

Public Hearing Notice

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