Central Subway Stations

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New Stations

Chinatown - Rose Pak Station

The Central Subway Chinatown Station will provide residents, workers and visitors with an efficient, centrally located rapid-transit connection, vastly improving public transit in San Francisco’s vibrant Chinatown community. Conveniently located at the southwest corner of Stockton and Washington streets, the station will deliver passengers into the heart of this bustling commercial and retail center, a must-see destination for millions of tourists and the historic hub of the city’s large and dynamic Asian community. Chinatown is home to about 10,000 residents and is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Currently, travelers to and from Chinatown rely on Muni bus routes, such as the 30 Stockton and 45 Union/Stockton. These routes have long been overcrowded and slow due to traffic congestion and capacity limitations. The Central Subway will reduce travel times for customers by bypassing congested city streets, taking passengers directly to Union Square/Market Street and many destinations beyond.


Union Square/Market Street Station

San Francisco’s world-class downtown and world-renowned Union Square – dynamic commercial and cultural hubs that serve as a nexus of the Bay Area’s public transportation network – will become even better connected when the Central Subway opens. The centrally located Union Square/Market Street Station will connect residents and visitors to this vibrant urban center, home to the city’s highest concentration of jobs and an outstanding array of hotels, retailers and restaurants.

Travelers in this area are already loyal transit customers, with downtown workers choosing transit for more than half of their trips to and from work. The Central Subway will facilitate even more transit use by making travel to and from Chinatown, SoMa, Mission Bay, Bayview/Hunters Point and Visitacion Valley faster and more direct.

The Union Square/Market Street Station will enhance the Bay Area’s transportation network via a direct, concourse-to-concourse connection to the existing Powell Street Station. A short walk through an underground concourse will lead customers directly to Powell Street Station, allowing them to transfer quickly and easily, linking to BART and the other Muni Metro lines.


Yerba Buena/Moscone Station

A dynamic, rapidly growing community and a global hub of the thriving technology and digital-media industry, San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood will have the chance to grow even further with an underground connection to the T Third Line. The conveniently located Yerba Buena/Moscone Station will vastly improve access to jobs, residences, Moscone Center and an outstanding array of artistic and cultural venues in this vibrant area.

SoMa has experienced unprecedented economic and residential growth in recent years. The area around the Central Subway is now home to more than 10 percent of the city’s jobs, and it continues to attract a diverse array of new and established technology firms. It is also a thriving cultural and artistic hub, home to museums, galleries, restaurants, retailers and artisanal manufacturers.

The Central Subway and the Yerba Buena/Moscone Station were designed to respond to transit needs and to accommodate the continued growth expected in SoMa. Currently, travelers along busy 4th Street rely on Muni buses, such as the 8X Bayshore Express, the 30 Stockton and the 45 Union/Stockton, that have long been overcrowded and slow due to traffic congestion and capacity needs. With continued growth expected in SoMa and the interchanges of three major highways contributing to persistently heavy traffic, the Central Subway is a vital investment to speed up travel through this area.


4th & Brannan (Surface) Station

Along the length of the the 1.7-mile Central Subway alignment, less than half of a mile of track will be on the surface, and the 4th and Brannan Station will be the Central Subway’s only surface-level station.  SoMa has flourished in recent years as San Francisco’s technology industry has continued to grow and thrive. In addition to business growth, SoMa is also experiencing substantial residential development, with new apartment buildings recently completed, planned and under construction throughout the neighborhood.  The 4th and Brannan Station will respond to current transportation needs while accommodating the continued growth expected in SoMa. It will also provide convenient connections to the region's rapid-transit networks. The conveniently located station will vastly improve access to jobs, homes and commerce in this vibrant area.