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Engineering, Maintenance and Safety (EMSC)

The Engineering, Maintenance & Safety Committee (EMSC) is made up of members from the Citizens' Advisory Council (CAC). On the fourth Wednesday of every month, the EMSC meets to hear presentations from SFMTA staff in regards to Engineering, Maintenance, and Safety within the SFMTA. They then take back recommendations to the full CAC meetings on those matters. Each member of the committee is appointed by the Chairman of the Citizens' Advisory Council.

The EMSC meets on the fourth Wednesday of Every month at 1pm at One South Van Ness on the 7th floor. Meetings are open to the public. At least 72 hours before a meeting, all materials for the upcoming meeting are available online or at the front desk of the 7th floor.

Committee Members

Frank Zepeda (Chair)

Stephen Cornell

Dorris Vincent