UPDATE: Incident #NJudah train has been placed onto the sidetrack. Delay at Church and Duboce has cleared. OB https://t.co/vSxfPFyn2C (More: 41 in last 24 hours)

Employee Shuttle

The SFMTA is excited to offer early morning and late night shuttle service to and from 24th Street Bart to employees who work at Woods, 700 Penn, MME, Marin, Islais Creek and the DPW Maintenance Yard. Shuttle service will begin on Monday, June 18, 2018. 

Service Schedule

Shuttles will run every 15 minutes during the following times: 

  • Early morning:4:20 AM - 6:50 AM (15-minute service)
  • Mid-day: 1:50 PM - 4:05 PM (30-minute service)
  • Late night: 10:55 PM - 1:10AM (15-minute service)

Midday return service to 24th Street Bart can also be accessed via the 48 Quintara. 

Shuttle Stop Locations

Employees can catch the shuttle at the following locations. You can identify the shuttle by its headsign, which reads "San Francisco Municipal Railway." 

AM at Bart to all divisions:

  • NE corner, 24th Street at Mission

PM to Bart from divisions: 

  • Woods/700 Penn: SW corner, 22nd Street at Iowa
  • MME: SW corner, Illinois at 25th Street
  • Islais Creek/Marin: NE corner, Cesar Chavez at Indiana
  • DPW Maintenance Yard: NE corner, Cesar Chavez at Kansas 

Travel Times 

Shuttle travel times from 24th Street Bart to divisions are as follows:

  • DPW Maintenance Yard: 8 minutes
  • Islais Creek/Marin: 10 minutes
  • MME: 12 minutes
  • Woods/700 Penn: 15 minutes