FAQs – Clean Air Taxi Rebate

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Is this rebate available to the public?  

No, this rebate offer is only available to taxi service operators or owners that are registered A-card holders or active medallion holders.  

Does it have to be a zero-emissions vehicle?  

Yes, this rebate offer only applies to taxi vehicles that are replaced with a zero-emission vehicle. The rebate is designed for this specific purpose and aims to help the City reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet City climate goals.  

Do I have to scrap my vehicle?  

No, you do not have to scrap your vehicle in order to be eligible for the rebate. However, if you choose to not scrap the vehicle you are only eligible for a $3,750 rebate.  

When do I receive the rebate funds?  

The rebate funds will be dispersed in three payments. The first payment (50% of rebate amount) will transfer upon application approval after all materials are received, the second payment (25% of rebate amount) will transfer after verifying the vehicle’s first year of active taxi service, and the final installment (25% of rebate amount) will occur after the second year of vehicle operations are verified.  

Is the rebate amount dependent on the type of EV I purchase?  

No, the rebate amount is dependent on the model year of the previous vehicle that is being replaced. Older vehicles typically are subject to looser emissions standards and therefore there is a greater incentive to remove these vehicles from operation.  

Can any other documentation be used instead of the Dismantler’s Notice of Acquistion?  

No, the Dismantler’s Notice of Acquisition is a required document. We require the same documents from applicants to ensure consistency and equitable application of requirements.  

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