FAQs – EV Charging Infrastructure Rebate

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Is this rebate available to the public? 

No, this rebate offer is only available to a color scheme representative who can verify the charging infrastructure will be used for taxi operations.  

Will other charging types be allowed? 

No, the allocated funds are intentionally designed to fund the building of DC charging infrastructure. The associated costs for DC fast-charging infrastructure were researched in advance in the grant application and are specified by the allocated fund amount.  

Who will own the charging infrastructure?  

Upon completion, all charging-related infrastructure and any related equipment will be owned and managed by the applicant. The SFMTA’s only role within this process is the verification of required materials, application approval, and the disbursement of funds.  

Does the MTA provide permits for charging installation?  

No, the SFMTA does not have any oversight regarding the compliance of charging-related infrastructure. For charging infrastructure construction and permit approval, applicants must contact and receive permit approval from the Department of Building Inspection.  

Can the rebate amount surpass $81,000?  

The maximum rebate amount that can be dispersed is 90% of the total cost including all associated costs in the construction of charging-related infrastructure. The SFMTA anticipates that these costs will equate to no more than $90,000, therefore limiting the rebate amount to $81,000. For any project estimate that exceeds the $90,000 allocated, applicants must prove that cost estimates from various providers are above the prescribed $90,000 allotment, and additional funds remain unused. Additional rebate funds are not guaranteed but such requests will be reviewed by the SFMTA staff who will prioritize providing rebates for multiple charging installations over a single, high-cost installation.  

When will I receive the rebate funds?  

The rebate will be dispersed after all required documentation is submitted and the SFMTA approves the application.  

The rebate is split into three amounts that are distributed across two years in the following sequence:  


AMOUNT (% of Total)  


1st Amount  


Upon approval  

2nd Amount  


After 1st year of eligibility  

3rd Amount  


After 2nd year of eligibility 

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