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EV Charging Infrastructure Rebate

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) aims to improve the share of sustainable transportation trips within the city. The SFMTA continues to contribute resources to initiatives that help to expedite this transition. The Clean Air Taxi Rebate program is an example of the MTA’s efforts. This taxi industry specific program incentivizes taxi drivers and companies to switch to low-emission vehicles through a rebate offering. The 2023 update to the program provides rebates to qualifying taxi drivers or companies who replace their current gas-powered or hybrid vehicle with a ZEV (zero-emission vehicle). Currently, despite nearly 90% of the current taxi fleet being some form of a hybrid vehicle, there are almost no fully EV (electric vehicle) taxis on the road in San Francisco. To support future climate action benchmarks, the SFMTA is supporting the taxi fleet’s transition to EVs by committing funds to the development of the industry’s electric charging infrastructure.  

Following its commitment to reach zero-emissions by 2050, the City aims to have at least 25% of registered vehicles as ZEV by 2030 and 100% by 2040. To speed this transition, the SFMTA is introducing an EV charging station rebate for taxi companies. Beginning in October 2023, vouchers will be offered, providing a rebate up to 90% of the cost for the construction of a DC fast charger in addition to the electrical work needed to install the charger

The stations installed must follow all applicable local codes, specifically the codified guidelines related to EV charging. The designated awardees from the taxi industry will be the owners of the charging-related infrastructure. The EV Charging Infrastructure voucher is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and will last until June 30, 2025 or until the SFCTA (San Francisco County Transportation Authority) fund of $162,000 runs out. 

Based on research and conversations with the taxi industry, it is estimated that the full cost of DC fast charger installation is $90,000. Awardees of the voucher will pay for the upfront cost fully and the SFMTA will refund 90% of the purchase and installation price. For a station that costs $90,000, the voucher awardee can expect a maximum $81,000 in return. The awardee can also receive multiple sources of funding. Applicants must submit all project-related to the SFMTA to verify proper utilization of grant funds.  

Taxi industry entities seeking to participate in the SFMTA EV charging infrastructure voucher program must purchase and install the EV charging infrastructure to receive any amount of money.  


You are eligible to receive this rebate if: 

  • You are an authorized color scheme representative  

  • You have purchased and installed a Direct Current (DC) Fast charging station within San Francisco (minimum output of 50 kW). 

  • Your EV charging station has been fully introduced, is in an existing taxi company fleet San Francisco facility, and is accessible to all vehicles within the fleet  

  • You agree to operate your electric charging station for a minimum of 5 years 

Required Documentation Checklist 

  1. Following the guidance of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Checklist to secure a permit through the Department of Building Inspection for charging infrastructure installation  

  2. Complete EV charging installation  

  3. Provide the following verification documents to with the subject line “TFCA EV Rebate Supporting Documents”: 

    • Photos of before/after charging infrastructure installation 

      • After photo must show that the BAAQMD sticker is placed on the charging infrastructure  

      • Contact for the sticker  

    • Completion of SFMTA EV Charging Rebate form  

    • Photocopy of DBI installation permit  

    • Copies of contract agreement(s) or purchase invoice(s) that substantiate the requested rebate amount  

      • Payments must occur before the relinquishment of rebate funds  

Rebate Transference 

Upon verification of these materials, staff at SFMTA will contact the applicant to transfer rebate funds. 

For questions, please visit the FAQs – EV Charging Infrastructure Rebate page or contact us. 



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