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Free Muni for Seniors

This program provides low and moderate income seniors residing in San Francisco free access to Muni services when using a Clipper card. 

If your card has been lost or stolen please contact the Clipper Customer Service Center (1.877.878.8883) for a replacement.  

All San Francisco seniors, ages 65+, with a gross annual family income at or below 100 percent of the Bay Area Median Income level are eligible for the program according to the chart below.

Household Size 100% Bay Area Median Income
1 $80,700
2 $92,250
3 $103,750
4 $115,300
5 $124,500
6 $133,750
7 $142,950
8 $152,200

Once you are enrolled in the program you need not reapply. 

How To Sign-Up For Free Muni For Seniors

If you have a registered senior Clipper card:

SFMTA Customer Service Center
11 South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

You will receive notification in the mail when the pass has been successfully uploaded electronically to the Clipper card.  If you have been purchasing a monthly pass on your Senior Clipper card we recommend you turn the autoload function off once you receive this letter.  Contact the Clipper Customer Service Center (1.877.878.8883) to disable the autoload function.

If you do not have a senior Clipper card, print and fill out the program application, attach supporting documentation establishing proof of age, and mail the application at the SFMTA Customer Service Center (at the address listed above). You will receive your Clipper card loaded with the pass in the mail.

Request an application be sent to you in the mail by completing the Free Muni Inquiry.

Important Note: All fields of the application must be completed and a copy of an approved document to verify age (for new Clipper card customers) must be attached. Applicant must be 65+ and a resident of San Francisco to participate in the program. Illegible or incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please allow up to three weeks to process applications for existing Clipper card holders and up to four weeks if a new card is needed.

Lost/Stolen Clipper cards: Contact Clipper Customer Service at 1.877.878.8883. Please note it may take up to 10 days to process your replacement pass and a $5 fee will be assessed.

Free language assistance is available by calling 311 within the city or 415.701.2311 outside of San Francisco.

Questions About Yor Application 

Complete this form to ask a specific question about your Free Muni application.