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Single Ride - Discount

A single ride fare on Muni is good for 90 minutes of travel, whether it be on a single route or a trip with multiple transfers across buses and light rail. You can save $0.25 per trip by paying with a Clipper® Card or MuniMobile®.

Eligible Youth and Seniors must apply for and receive a Clipper card before they can purchase the dicount monthly pass. People with Disabilities and Medicare card holders must apply for and receive a Regional Transit Connection (RTC) card

Residents may find Monthly Passes more cost-effective.

Upcoming fare changes


Discount customers must apply for a Clipper card in order to receive the dicount.
You can load cash value onto your Clipper card to pay for single rides. When you tag your Clipper card to the reader as you board a 90-minute transfer will be stored to your card. You must tag your card each time you board a vehicle.

Cash value can be added to your Clipper card online, at any Clipper retailer or at a Ticket Vending Machine located in every Muni Metro Station.


Bring Exact Change

Change is not provided on bus or light rail vehicles. Stop ahead of time and pick up change along the way or load cash onto your Clipper card to avoid the hassle. Customers paying cash at Muni Metro light rail stations must purchase a Limited Use Ticket from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) located outside of the faregates. Cash or credit/debit cards are accepted at these machines. Tap the ticket to the faregate reader for access.

Carry Your Fare Receipt ("Transfer") At All Times

When riding the bus, the driver will hand you a fare receipt (often referred to as a "transfer"). Keep this with you at all times, regardless of whether you plan to transfer to another route or not. If the driver does not hand you a receipt, remember to ask for one. Riding Muni without proof of payment can result in receiving a citation and heavy fine, so keep your receipt! This receipt must also be shown to a station agent when transferring to light rail in a Muni Metro station for faregate access. A Limited Use Ticket purchased from a TVM electronically records the transfer time.

Keep Track of the Time

Always keep track of the time on your receipt or ticket to be sure it's still valid. You must complete your trip within 90 minutes. Once your transfer expires, you must pay for another single ride fare.

Tag One and Done

Tickets purchased after 8:30 p.m. allow you to ride Muni all night on a single fare (excluding cable car) when using the cash-only farebox or MuniMobile app.

Unlimited late-night travel offer also applies to Limited Use ticketholders and Clipper users. Tag your Clipper card or Limited Use ticket only once after 8:30 p.m.and travel until 5 a.m. the next day - tagging multiple times will result in fare charges. Show activated Clipper card or Limited Use ticket to Muni operator or Station Agent at a Metro booth or, if unattended, proceed through the faregate closest to the booth.


When using youth/senior/disability discounts you must be prepared to show your proof of eligibility while riding on Muni, as well as within the paid areas of Muni stations.

Seniors (65+)
  • State issued Driver's license or ID card
  • SF City ID Card
  • Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card
  • Matricula Consular/Consular Identification Card
  • Passport
Customers with Disabilities
  • RTC Discount ID
  • California DMV Disabled Parking Placard Registration Receipt AND photo ID
          If you have disabled license plates, you will need to submit a "Medical Eligibility" form
  • Discount card from another transit agency in California AND photo ID
  • Proof of Veterans Disability
         A copy of your Service Connected Disability ID Card and your VA Certification letter demonstrating a disability rating for aid and attendance or a service-connected disability with a rating level of 50% or higher. Please note that it may take more than several months to verify your application with the VA due to their current work volume.  For a quicker turnaround, it is recommended that you use a "Medical Eligibility" form instead.
Medicare Card Holders
  • Medicare card AND photo ID
Youth (5–18)

It is recommended that youth over the age of 15 carry one of the following:

  • State issued Driver's license or ID card
  • SF City ID Card
  • Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card
  • Matricula Consular/Consular Identification Card
  • Passport
  • School issued ID card with date of birth 


School Single-Ride Tickets are sold in a booklet of 15 for $20.25, for the convenience of schools and youth groups. The tickets are not valid for use on cable car service. There are no discounts available. They are sold at the SFMTA Customer Service Center.


Tokens are only available to non-profit/government organizations for client services. If you have tokens previously purchased, they are still valid for travel. No surcharge is required.  Customers paying with tokens at Muni Metro light rail stations must purchase a Limited Use Ticket from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) located outside of the faregates. Tokens are accepted at the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM).  Tap the ticket to the faregate reader for access.

Contact for more information on how to purchase tokens. 


Transferring to and from Other Transit Agencies

The SFMTA provides a fifty-cent discount off an adult single ride for customers transferring to Muni from the agencies listed below when using a Clipper card (does not apply to Cable Car service).  Some agencies also provide a reciprocal single ride discount for Muni customers transferring to their service. Please visit their websites or 511 for more information on their fare rules and discounts.

Transferring from the Daly City BART station to Muni

You are eligible for two free rides on the 14R, 28, 54 and 57 Muni routes when transferring from the Daly City BART Station and paying your fare using Clipper. The first trip must be taken within 23 hours after exiting BART and the second within 24 hours after exiting BART for the free fares to apply. The free fares are stored automatically when you tag your Clipper card upon exit at the Daly City station. You must also tag your Clipper card upon boarding Muni for proof of payment.

Youth/ Senior/ People with Disabilities/ Medicare

1 Trip: 90min

Clipper Card
Metro Ticket Machine