FINAL UPDATE: Non-Muni collision cleared. IB/OB 44 O'Shaughnessy has resumed regular route. (More: 4 in last 48 hours)

L Taraval Improvement Project Details

Comprehensive transit and pedestrian safety features will enhance the safety of passengers getting on and off Muni and make the L Taraval more reliable. Block by block features include stop changes, new upgraded boarding islands, new overhead contact system (OCS) poles and turn restrictions.  The new streetscape style elements including tree selection, decorative crosswalks, trackway accent colors and public art additions were based on community feedback. They will make the corridor even more inviting to residents and visitors alike.  

Project Summary
Stop Relocation
New Transit Stop
Remove Transit Stops
New Boarding Island
New Pedestrian Bulb
New Traffic Signal
No Left Turn Lanes
New Transit Bulbs
Extend Transit Island
Right Turn Only