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Muni Art 2020 - Shannon Bodrogi Artist Page

Headshot of Muni Art 2020 Artist Shannon Bodrogi

The performance of process and the experience of an environment’s effects on the internal sit at the heart of what Shannon Bodrogi is aiming to express through print, embroidery, paint and lyric. Drawn to photocopy lithography’s delicate ritual resulting in scummy yet precise images, Bodrogi looks for ways to further complicate the progression through additions of other media. Bodrogi moved from Santa Maria over a decade ago to study printmaking at San Francisco State University and has since developed deep roots in the Sunset district and the DIY music / arts community. As an emerging artist, Bodrogi has shown in group exhibits at Fleet Wood gallery and has designed work for bands such as Frankie Cosmos, The She’s, Joyride and own band’s Void Boys and SOAR. Presently Bodrogi is focused on transforming images taken during walks around the muted avenues and the tamed wild spaces of San Francisco to shed light on the precious, often overlooked intricacies this city has to offer.

Artist Portfolio

Shannon Bodrogi Artist Portfolio (PDF)

Interview with the Artist