Muni Art Program

Thank you for your interest in this transit art program. The program is on a hiatus at this time.  Please contact with any comments or questions.

Project Introduction

In partnership with San Francisco Beautiful, we're supporting local artists and enhancing the transit experience for San Francisco's 700,000+ daily riders through our Muni Art program. 100 Muni buses are converted into rolling art galleries, reigniting a successful relationship between local art and local transit.

2023 Muni Art

The 2023 Muni Art theme, “Sights of San Francisco,” marks eighth year that the SFMTA and San Francisco Beautiful have collaborated to bring art and poetry to Muni commuters. This year's program also marks the first time the project collaborated with the San Francisco Unified School District for the artist competition and 826 Valencia for the poetry competition.

The 2023 Muni artists are:

Alice Wu
Drawing of a Cable Car in the late afternoon light

Annie Aguilar
Collage of paper with the Golden Gate Bridge, the City and the sky

Isabel Lombardi-Coronel
Digital Collage with a 24 Divisadero trolley bus across the street from the Castro Theater. A person made of paper walks across the street on a rainbow crosswalk.

Natalie Deiner
Drawing of a pigeon in foreground with a sketch of the city skyline and circles as whimsical clouds

Vilma Ramirez
A large tree stands in the foreground with a swing hanging from it. The City's skyline flows in the background with a stylized sky above.

The 2023 Muni poet and poems are:

I Like Chinatown by Jake Dominguez

The Botanical Gardens by Maya Van Artsdalen

The Rhythm of Baker Beach by Vanessa Rodriguez

The Wondrous San Francisco Zoo by Jennifer Lopez

What You Get at Bernal Heights by Abner Valencia


Contact Information
Jeanne Brophy, Marketing and Digital Communications Manager