Muni Art 2020 - Vanessa Fajardo Artist Page

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Headshot of Muni Art 2020 Artist Vanessa Farjado

This collection of images has a dreamlike quality and the theme of blue hues connect them all into a collection titled “Variation on a Theme of Azul.” Born from the fond memories and retold stories of family growing up in San Francisco, the artist, Vanessa Fajardo, is a third generation San Franciscan who is influenced and inspired by The City and its people. In the ever evolving social and physical landscapes that is San Francisco; she strives to keep the memory of the city of where her ancestors lived, worked, and loved, alive. She creates art with the hope that her imagery can inspire us to connect with our past, consider our present and be mindful of where we are headed as individuals and as a collective community. “If we are defining what San Francisco is in our daily actions, let us create a city we want to live in and can be proud of in three generations.” Vanessa is a photographer, a printmaker and a painter. She combines these three medias to produce one of a kind artwork through her online print studio, Calibri Designs.


Artist Portfolio

Vanessa Fajardo Artist Portfolio (PDF)

Interview with the Artist