Muni Art 2021 - Kundan Baidwan Artist Page

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Headshot of Muni Art 2021 Artist Kundan Baidwan

Bay Area native, Kundan Baidwan, received her BA in Visual Art at UC San Diego, where she was twice selected for the honors studio program. After a stint as a restoration assistant in Paris, Baidwan lived in Brooklyn for several years, before returning to the Bay Area in 2007, and has since called San Francisco home. Here, in the complex and diverse jumble of individuals bustling around on this tiny peninsula, she examines the world, our environments, and overlapping systems - the organic and the conceived - from the most basic unit, a dot. A single point that can expand on a cadence to create rhythms, and amorphous patterns. While the abstract composition may be pleasing to the eye, she hopes to mesmerize the viewer with the deliberate, and individually iterated dots to read as a coded message, imagining that you may have shared this vista before.