FINAL UPDATE: Delay near Castro and 24th has cleared. IB/OB 24 resuming regular service. (More: 30 in last 48 hours)

Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan

For any questions regarding the project please email the project email address

The Western Addition Community-Based Transportation Plan (WACBTP) is a community participation fueled transportation planning effort that is part of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's broader Bay Area-wide community-based planning program. The project will focus on neighborhood-level transportation improvements with an emphasis on enhancing walking, biking, and taking transit in the Western Addition neighborhood. The WACBTP will include a neighborhood conceptual design and implementation/funding strategy. The plan will be used to compete for local and regional funding to implement transportation improvements in the area within approximately one to five years. The project's community participation process will hopefully further empower the community in bettering their neighborhood streets. The overall goal of the project is to improve community transportation options and thus enhance access to more employment and education opportunities.