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The Planning subdivision consists of the following sections:

Long Range Planning & Policy – Creates local and regional transportation plans and addresses capital planning, asset management, climate change action, and sustainability within the agency.

Complete Streets – Creates plans that guide future design of small and medium size (less than $50M construction value) projects for specific modes. This group also performs place-based, neighborhood scale multimodal transportation planning.

Development and Transportation Integration Coordinates with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), the Planning Department, and other stakeholders to ensure that new development proposals address current and future transportation demands.

Approved Development Agreement Monitoring and Environmental Review - Tracks and facilitates the fulfillment of transportation commitments in development agreements; ensures that transportation projects comply with the requirements of NEPA and CEQA.

Planning Programs - Transportation Demand Management, Vision Zero Communications/Education and transportation programs.

Portrait of Maia Small.

Maia Small

Planning Director