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SFMTA Board Chairman Tom Nolan Receives APTA Award

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is pleased to announce today that Tom Nolan, the agency’s board chairman, was named this year’s recipient of the prestigious American Public Transit Association (APTA) Outstanding Public Transportation Board Member Award, which is the highest honor awarded to a transit board member in North America. It is presented annually to the board member who is judged to have made the greatest contribution to their local transit system and the industry in general.


“Over his decades of service, Tom Nolan’s stamp of leadership has been imprinted on almost every single transit project in San Francisco and the Bay Area,” said  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. “His public service has ensured that all people and communities can safely, efficiently and affordably be transported from work, school and home.”


Chairman Tom Nolan joined the SFMTA Board of Directors in 2006. He also currently serves as the SFMTA’s representative on the Caltrain Joint Powers Board. Under Nolan’s leadership as a board member, the agency’s numerous accomplishments included: 




“Near the conclusion of my over 30-year tenure as a board member/commissioner on four different transportation agencies in the SF Bay Area, I am truly thrilled to receive this award from my national colleagues at APTA,” said Nolan. “I am proud of my service in this most important aspect of our common life, and the award will always be a treasured capstone of that time for me.”


Nolan served two full terms as a member of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and is a former member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and the SamTrans Board prior to joining SFMTA. Shirley Harris, public board member of SamTrans, was also named APTA’s Outstanding Public Transportation Board Member.