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SFMTA Debuts Bayview Quick-Build Project

Friday, April 2, 2021

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) today announced the completion of the Bayview Quick-Build Project located along Evans Ave, Hunters Point Blvd, and Innes Ave between Jennings and Earl streets. The quick-build project is the result of the Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan, a community-driven planning effort to identify transportation priorities by partnering SFMTA technical expertise and local community knowledge. Streetscape improvements include lane reduction from four to two lanes along the corridor, as well as a protected bicycle and pedestrian lane on Evans Avenue and Hunters Point Boulevard to calm traffic. In addition to these community-driven safety enhancements, project staff collaborated with two groups of artists to paint murals on the infrastructure – one sponsored through Shipyard Trust for the Arts, and the other sponsored through the San Francisco African American Arts and Cultural District.

The Bayview Community- Based Transportation Plan started by meeting the community where they're at, and listening closely to their needs” said Jeffrey Tumlin, SFMTA Director of Transportation. “Then we worked with community to establish clear action priorities. We're now working through that priority list, including engaging local artists on the way.”

The bicycle and pedestrian lanes are protected by K-rail concrete barriers on both sides of the street. To enhance the barriers for the neighborhood, SFMTA partnered with six artists to create murals that will beautify the barriers and celebrate the culture of the Bayview community. Each of the six artists created a mural of their own design that reflects the rich culture of the Bayview. In addition to the murals, a repeating pattern will be painted along the barriers inspired by the logo of the San Francisco African American Arts & Cultural District. Most of the artists either live or work in the city’s Bayview neighborhood.

"The Transportation Authority celebrates the rapid completion of the Bayview Quick Build projects with the community" said Tilly Chang, Executive Director of the Transportation Authority. “We were pleased to provide sales tax funds to help SFMTA accelerate delivery of these important safety improvements as prioritized by Bayview residents in the SFMTA's Bayview Community-Based Transportation Plan."

The Bayview Quick-Build project is a prime example of government expertise and community investment working together to create meaningful change. This process began in Spring 2018 when the agency committed to delivering almost $4 million of on-the-ground transportation improvements through the Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan (Bayview CBTP).  Today’s project represents a perfect encapsulation of the Bayview CBTP: responsive projects built collaboratively with our community partners, that center community needs and values.

“It is wonderful that four Black artists with studios at the Hunters Point Shipyard are painting murals and bringing the art out from the Shipyard into the community” said Barbara Ockel, President of the Shipyard Trust for the Arts. “We appreciate the SFMTA for their thoughtful inclusive project, and the AAACD for expanding the project beyond the original scope with their colorful African American inspired designs.”

A year ago, The Box Shop initiated the Mural Project and engaged and commissioned hundreds of local artists to create large-scale murals and installations to cover Box Shop surfaces. To date, 71 artworks have been installed, with more on the way. The goal is to cover all surfaces with local art, beautify the neighborhood, and support artists. The Box Shop is a 20-year old collaborative workspace and studios for artists focused on metal and industrial arts located in the Hunters Point neighborhood. Their partnership has been invaluable to the project.

The roadway project was funded by San Francisco County Transportation Authority. Philanthropic donors for the mural artwork include Spin, Wendy McNaughton, Cemex, and the San Francisco African American Arts & Cultural District.

“SFAAACD is pleased to partner with SFMTA and our art-based community partners to amplify the voices of Black artists. We look forward to more collaborations that model much needed diversity and inclusion throughout the city” said Ericka Scott, SFAAACD Director of District Projects. “SFAAACD is excited to continue our mission to create an environment that reflects African American history, contributions, and legacy as we continue to beautify the Bayview with visual projects that reflect Black culture.”

The Vision Zero Quick-Build program allows the SFMTA to expedite traffic safety improvements in a way that is truly responsive to community desires and needs. In the Bayview, quick-builds give project staff the flexibility to tweak and adjust our project design based on the feedback of people who live, work, and move through this area.

For more information on the Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan and our Bayview CBTP Quick-Build projects, visit our website: sfmta.com.