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1 California transit lanes approved to become permanent

Route(s) Affected

On January 18, 2022, the SFMTA Board of Directors unanimously approved making 1 California Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes permanent, with the exception of Clay Street between Stockton and Grant, which will remain as a temporary transit lane while we continue to evaluate and collect community feedback. 

During and prior to the January 18 public hearing, we heard 47 public comments about whether to make the project permanent via email or phone. Of those comments, 35 were positive about maintaining the transit lanes, 7 were neutral, and 5 were unsupportive. Some common themes we heard were:

  • Transit lanes are making a noticeable difference, making 1 California travel times shorter and more reliable. 
  • Comments about the positive environmental impact of getting more people out of cars.
  • Concern that buses can’t take full advantage of the transit lanes due to frequent double parking by delivery trucks and rideshares.
  • Concerns about increased traffic and loss of parking.

Next steps: Implementing the recommended changes to the project

Two of the staff-recommended changes to the project are planned to be implemented in early February. This includes:

  • Rescinding the afternoon transit lane hours on Clay Street between Powell and Stockton streets in Chinatown.
  • Rescinding general traffic afternoon peak-hour towaway lanes on the south side of Sacramento Street between Stockton and Montgomery.

These changes will expand parking availability in the afternoon peak for three hours on three blocks of Sacramento, and for two hours on one block of Clay.
The remaining project revisions in response to evaluation will be implemented later.