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2018 Muni Art

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The 2018 Muni Art season kicked off the first collaboration with the Poetry Society of America's Poetry in Motion® for the theme “The Art of Poetry in San Francisco.” The five winning local artists and poets will have their original work displayed on 100 Muni buses beginning January and running through April, 2018.

The 2018 Muni artists are

Donavon Brutus

two women of color receive envelopes with wings


Mara Hernandez
Stylized arrangement of the letters in the word "relief" together with a clock face with roman numerals


Tsungwei Moo
the upper body of a person; the person and the background are covered in splotches of color


Randi Pace
three views of the same long-haired white person shattered into rectangles and squares


Janet Rumsey
a person drawn in black ink is superimposed over a lakeside landscape