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22 Fillmore - 16th Street upgrades approved by Board

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On Tuesday, January 19, the SFMTA Board of Directors voted to approve the 22 Fillmore Transit Priority Project! This project focuses on 16th Street between Church and 3rd, and includes a suite of treatments to improve Muni reliability, reduce transit travel time, and enhance safety for people walking and biking.

The capital improvements approved by the Board are expected to reduce travel time on the 22 by nearly 25%, and include transit-only lanes, stop consolidation, transit and pedestrian bulbs, transit islands, and new traffic signals.

With the project approved for implementation, we're ready to get some of these improvements on the ground! Our tentative timeline involves the first phase of the project to hit the streets in mid-2016, which will include striping the new bike lane on 17th, consolidating stops, and striping the transit-only lanes (red paint will not be installed during this phase). The more permanent street features like transit and pedestrian bulbs, traffic signals, and the extension of the 22 Fillmore overhead wire into Mission Bay will be complete by the end of 2019, at which time we can paint the transit-only lanes red. Stay tuned for updates as a more complete construction schedule is finalized!