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Active Communities Plan - January Update #1

Update on the Active Communities Plan 


As we start the new year, we wanted to provide a status update on the timing of the Active Communities Plan. The team is taking a short break until mid-January to make sure we are learning from the Valencia Street bikeway pilot process to support small businesses and residents and create safe places for people who are biking, scooting or rolling.  

Thank you all for your contributions to the Active Communities Plan thus far – through surveys, participation at outreach events and bike rides, using the interactive map, and more we reached more than 7,000 residents across over 100 events in 2023, with more than 4,000 survey responses and written comments. Community and stakeholder input is essential to developing a safer and improved active transportation network that will work for all members of our communities.  

We look forward to sharing an update and revised schedule later this month.  

Until then, roll with joy! 

Active Communities Plan team 


If you have questions or would like us to come to your event in the future, contact ActiveCommunities@sfmta.com. 

To stay up to date and find opportunities to get involved, visit SFMTA.com/ActiveCommunities