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Valencia Bikeway Improvements

Valencia Street is a vibrant commercial corridor with a diverse set of restaurants, shops, bars and services. Valencia also serves as a major north-south bike route for those who live, work, visit and travel through the neighborhood. As the street has become more popular, the city has heard increasing community concern about traffic safety and congestion. Ride-hailing services and commercial vehicles are frequently double-parking in the bike lane, posing safety concerns for all who travel on Valencia Street. 

The SFMTA will work with the community to assess and recommend safety improvements for Valencia Street between Market and Mission streets. The Valencia Bikeway Improvements project will identify opportunities to upgrade the existing bike lanes given the high volume of cyclists on Valencia Street, history of bicycle-motor vehicle crashes, and evidence suggesting that illegal parking and loading within the bike lane is prevalent. The public engagement process will include outreach to local businesses, public meetings, workshops and other forums for community input. 

The planning process will result in:

  • Proposed designs to upgrade the existing bike lanes
  • An evaluation of enforcement and curb management needs
  • Traffic flow and safety recommendations

Following the planning process, the SFMTA will prioritize near-and-long term safety improvements for implementation. 

Project Timeline 
Jan 2018 to Late 2019
Community Outreach
Spring to Summer 2018
Data Collection/Conceptual Alternatives Analysis
Early 2019
Pilot Bikeway (Market to 15th streets)
Early 2019
NT Curb Mgmt Improvements
Project Status 
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Bikeway Improvements
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Improved Curb Management
Project Details, History or Features 


  • Improve safety for all who travel on Valencia Street
  • Provide an improved bikeway along the corridor
  • Improve passenger loading, commercial loading and curb management
  • Reduce the number of conflicts between those who walk, bike and drive on the corridor 


The SFMTA understands the need for safer streets sooner. That's why incremental changes will be implemented over the next year, in advance of the long-term planning process for the full corridor. Near-term improvements include:

  • The Valencia Bikeway Pilot Project: in partnership with Mayor Breed and her directive, the SFMTA will pilot and implement parking-protected bike lanes on Valencia Street from Market to 15th streets. After implementation, the project team will evaluate the design to help inform the long-term, corridor-wide project. Additional outreach and community conversations will be held in spring and summer 2019 to determine a preferred bikeway design alternative(s) for the entire corridor. At this time, the pilot project is anticipated to be heard at the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting on December 4, 2018.
  • Near-Term Curb Management Improvements:  based off of the initial conversations with merchants and stakeholders earlier this year and the ideas received from the July workshop survey, the project team will share near-term curb management (i.e., parking, passenger and commercial loading) proposals with the community in fall 2018. The near-term curb management improvements will include Valencia Street from 15th to 24th streets, along with curb management improvements associated with the parking-protected bike lanes from Market to 15th streets.

Please check out this project update for more information. 


Every year, around 30 people are killed and hundreds are severely injured while traveling our on city streets. These deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable, and San Francisco is committed to eliminating them. The City and County of San Francisco adopted the Vision Zero policy in 2014  - a commitment to building better streets, educating the people on traffic safety, enforcing traffic laws and prioritizing resources to implement effective initiatives that save lives. The goal of Vision Zero is to eliminate all traffic deaths and reduce severe traffic-related injuries in San Francisco by 2024.

Most of Valencia Street is part of the city's High-Injury Network, the 13 percent of streets that account for 75 percent of severe and fatal traffic collisions. Between 2012 to 2016, there were 204 people injured and 268 reported collisions on the corridor, of which one was fatal. Collisions involving vehicles and bikes were most common, accounting for 40 percent of all reported incidences on Valencia. This project is in support of Vision Zero and will comprehensively assess alternatives for improving safety on Valencia Street through near-and-long term recommendations. 


The project team will be working with the community in developing near-and-long recommendations to improve safety on Valencia. The community engagement process will include outreach to local businesses, public meetings, workshops and other forums for community input. 


Since March 2018, the project team has spoke with close to 30 community organizations and reached out to over 200 local merchants on the corridor about the project. In parallel, the team has also had conversations about traffic safety with community members at neighborhood events and forums.

In July 2018, the SFMTA hosted a series of workshops to better understand the community’s opinions around tradeoffs associated with the bikeway design alternatives and near-term curb management improvements. Over 200 community members attended and over 360 surveys were collected at the workshops or taken online.

We encourage community members to sign up for project updates to stay in the loop and to hear about our upcoming project events. 


The implementation plan is funded by Prop K funds. The total amount for the planning and conceptual engineering phase is $145,000.

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Contact Information 
Valencia Project Team
Kimberly Leung - Project Manager