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Adjustments to the Jones Street COVID Response Project Update

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Thanks for your interest in Tenderloin street safety improvements.

Since the installation of the Jones Street Physical Distancing Lanes in summer 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and change. The concrete barriers on Jones Street were able to meet the needs of physical distancing at the start of the pandemic, but no longer serve the intended purpose. In more recent weeks, there have been increasing safety and quality of life concerns along the corridor.

In collaboration with Supervisor Haney’s office, Healthy Streets Operation Center (HSOC), and Tenderloin community partners, the SFMTA is responding to the immediate safety issues by adjusting the Jones COVID-19 response project.

Here’s what to come on Jones Street:

  • HSOC response team will be on Jones Street on Thursday (9/23) and Friday (9/24) starting at 7 AM each day
  • The removal of the concrete barriers between O’Farrell Street to Golden Gate Avenue will begin on Friday (9/24) and continue into the weekend
  • City crews will then begin re-striping the street the week of 9/27, installing two travel lanes with painted buffers between the travel lanes and parking (similar to the Leavenworth Quick-Build design)
  • Parking spaces will return to both sides of Jones Street, similar to the pre-pandemic conditions

Proposed roadway configuration on Jones Street

Example illustration of the proposed condition on Jones Street – two lanes southbound, with painted buffers and parking on both sides of the street.

The removal of the concrete barriers along with the restriping of the travel lanes were completed as of October 1st, 2021. This work was accomplished in coordination with HSOC, City departments, and Tenderloin community partners to engage with community members using the physical distancing area on Jones Street.

The SFMTA is committed to working with the community on a larger visioning effort for on the corridor – such as Quick-Build, Shared Spaces, Play Streets, street activations and other community amenities. Please stay tuned for more information on future efforts happening on Jones Street.