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Please see Related Projects on this page for current project information. We are keeping this page as a record of SFMTA outreach.

Anza Street Bike Lanes Outreach Results and Next Steps

Thanks to all who participated with the Anza Street Bike Lanes Project and for sharing your feedback!  If you submitted comments or questions via the online survey or by email, or if you would like to see all comments received by SFMTA staff, you may do so by visiting the Anza Street Bike Lanes Virtual Public Hearing Comment Log
Between December 7 - 18, 2020, SFMTA received 146 survey responses from community members. Results from the survey show more than 70% of respondents approving of the proposed designs for both core project and eastern extension. Survey results may be seen by visiting the Anza Street Bike Lanes Project Survey Report
The Anza Street Bike Lanes Project is now in detailed design phase and beginning environmental review. A Engineering Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled for April 16 after which the project will seek approval by the SFMTA Board of Directors on June 1.  If approved, construction will begin over Summer. To keep apprised of legislative meetings, please visit the Engineering Hearings page.