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Commuter Shuttle Program Approved

The SFMTA Board unanimously voted to approve the Commuter Shuttle Program at its meeting on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. The vote allows the SFMTA to continue regulating operations of commuter shuttles in San Francisco and charging a per-stop fee beyond March 31, 2017, when the Program was set to expire. 

Most aspects of the Commuter Shuttle Program will remain the same in the coming year, after a mid-year evaluation found that the Program had led to a lower potential for conflicts with Muni, fewer shuttles on small, residential streets, a cleaner shuttle vehicle fleet, a reduced potential for service disruptions, including those arising as a result of labor disputes, and increased enforcement for violations of parking laws. The updated program allows the SFMTA to establish shuttle vehicle accessibility guidelines and to issue higher penalties for repeated violations of the shuttle permit terms and conditions.

The Program continuation also allows the SFMTA to address shuttle congestion and stop coverage issues in neighborhoods like Noe Valley, the Castro, and the Mission. Over the coming months, SFMTA staff will be reaching out to residents, business owners, shuttle riders, and other stakeholders in these and other areas as we work to minimize conflicts with Muni and other vehicles, enhance safety for people walking and biking, and improve service for riders. 

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