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Construction Coming Soon on Fell Street to Support Social Distancing

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As part of the Panhandle Social Distancing and Safety Project, city crews will begin construction of the parking protected bikeways on Fell Street from Baker to Shrader street in order to provide relief from crowding and support social distancing on the Panhandle Path. This temporary project is being constructed as an emergency response to COVID-19.

Proposed Design

The proposed improvements involve repurposing a travel lane in order to accommodate a parking protected westbound bikeway on the south side of Fell Street. The protected bikeway will be located curbside, with a three-foot access aisle to access the floating parking. The cross section above details the proposed conditions on Fell Street from Baker to Shrader streets.

No parking signs will be placed on Fell street starting Thursday, July 16th in order to inform the neighborhood of the construction that is expected to begin on Monday, July 20th. Construction will involve the installation of flex-posts and paint and will occur during regular working hours. The project is expected to be completed in approximately three weeks. Because this is a temporary effort, the protected bikeways are expected to be in the ground for as long as the COVID-19 state of emergency is in place.

For more information about the project, please visit the project webpage