Panhandle Social Distancing and Safety Project

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Project Introduction

The SFMTA is proposing a parking protected bikeway on Fell Street between Baker Street and Shrader Street to provide relief to crowding and support social distancing on the Panhandle Path. This temporary project is being proposed as an emergency response to COVID-19.

Project Status
  1. Completed
Protected Bikeways
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Parking and Curb Management Changes

Project Overview

Within the project limits, Fell Street is one-way westbound with four travel lanes and unmetered parking on both sides of the street. The proposed improvements involve repurposing  a travel lane in order to fit a parking protected westbound bikeway on the south side of Fell Street. The protected bikeway will be located curbside, with a three-foot access aisle to access the floating parking. The cross sections below detail the existing and proposed conditions for the corridor.  





A signal protected intersection design at Masonic was considered but a mixing zone treatment was chosen because:

  • New curbside bikeway with signal separation would result in signal heads out of alignment with bikeway and lanes, potentially resulting in confusion and red light running
  • A signal modification and changes to the red light camera would be required and would delay the project, substantially if signal modifications could not be made using existing hardware
  • A fully protected option is available along the path

As a result of this project, approximately 12 out of 136 parking spaces on the south side of Fell Street will be removed in order to provide space for turning lanes and visibility zones.

To view the latest draft of the proposed conceptual design, please follow this link.


This parking protected bikeway will be paint and safe-hit post construction only. Any construction related lane closures will have little to no effect on transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Project construction will be carried out by SFMTA Shops and will not require coordination with other agencies.

Construction is expected to begin on Monday, July 20, 2020 and parking will be temporarily unavailable during the three week construction period. 

Contact Information
Mike Sallaberry