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December 2022 Franklin Street Quick-Build Project Update - Project Approved

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The Franklin Street Quick-Build Project was approved following the Engineering Public Hearing held on Friday, December 2, 2022. Thank you to all those who submitted public comments via email and/or attended the hearing.

The Project will install improvements along the corridor that focus on pedestrian safety at the intersections, where vehicle turning speeds and potential conflicts between people driving and people walking are highest. These improvements include slow-turn wedges, daylighting, painted safety zones, advanced limit lines, and no right-turn on red restrictions.     

Construction is scheduled to begin this month. Intersections adjacent to Saint Brigid and Sherman Elementary schools will be prioritized for completion during the school winter break. A project update will be sent ahead of the start of construction. 

The project team will evaluate the impacts of the Project after implementation and determine whether the changes effectively respond to issues identified in the planning phase, including vehicle speeds, close calls between vehicles and pedestrians, and driver yielding behavior. Modifications to the initial design can be made in response to the results of the evaluation.

For more information on the Franklin Quick-Build Project, please visit Questions? Email us at Thank you for your continued interest and involvement in this project!